Asia Poker Academy is your poker home in Asia
Get sponsored by APA !

The Asia Poker Academy staking fund is out there investing in the best online poker players.

Strong of 3 years of experience and growing our staking team offers full sponsorship packages including daily bankroll management accross all sites, full reporting per room and consolidated statement handled and delivered to you by our staff, profits guaranteed and reliable payment solutions.

Standard deal includes a profit split starting at 50/50 and upward and solid rake back deals.

If you are an experienced tournament or cash game player with solid track records (including hand histories) feel free to contact us and we will send you our application form. We do accept players from all around the world.

Apply for an online poker stake, download the application form now.


Looking for a live game stake, need a backer to play the WSOP?

Check our Staking forum section and sell your action.


Referral program: Refer a horse and earn a piece of his action !

All you have to to do is make sure that your friend mentions your full name and/or APA username in the application form when he reach the last question "How did you hear about us? Were you referred by someone, if so please indicate his full name and/or APA username".

The referral fee consists in paying 2% of the profit back to you the referrer for the entire period of the 1st contract*. It is paid in two increments. First payment occurs when the stakee reach half way of his contract andt he second installment is paid when he reach the end of his contract. So if a contract is worth USD 50,000 profit the referrer can earn up to USD 1,000.


Stakee A enrolls for a USD 50,000 profit contract. When he reach USD 25,000 profit his referrer will be paid 2% of it = USD 500. When the stakee reach the end of the contract by booking an extra USD 25,000 profit (thus reaching a total of USD 50,000 profit) another 2% is paid to his referrer = USD 500. Total paid to the referrer for this contract = USD 1,000.

*The referral fee is paid for the first contract only.