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Team APA Members Profile
Alvin Pe

Player: Alvin Pe

Country: Philippines

Games & Limits: NLHE 25/50/100 6 max

Favourite Rooms: Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, PlanetWin365

Poker Biography: Alvin Pe is a former Warcraft 3 player. His interest for Texas Holdem sparked when he saw his brother playing facebook poker. He made a first deposit of $14 on his account never to look back. At that time he was already active in the local poker forum in the Philippines, igniting and following the topic "Road to $1,000" he then met APA Coach Ron "Airkson" Regis and later Head of Team APA Dr.Eldoradon who both helped him reach his $1,000 target within three months. Then Alvin Pe decided to turn pro.


Player: Attack

Country: China

Games & Limits: NLHE 200/400 Head Up and 6max

Favourite Rooms: PlanetWin365, TianlongGG, 24hpoker

Poker Biography: Attack is a professional Texas Holdem player from China. Attack participated - just like Terry - in Dr.Eldoradon's very first Chinese VIP Training at APA in 2011. During this training he learnt the skills and tricks to transform from a slight losing TAG player to become a creative and now constant winning LAG player. From here on it took him not longer than one year to reach NL400 (2/4 blind levels). Attack now also excels also in Heads-Up play after he took some classes from "Fearless Dragon" (probably the best Chinese HU player) and can now find on any tables NL100-NL600 6max and HU.


Player: Dr.Eldoradon

Games & Limits: NLHE & PLO 400/600/1000/2000 6max, Zoom NLHE 500

Favourite Rooms: Poker Stars, Titan, PlanetWin365

Poker Biography: Head of Team APA

Geoff Pamatian

Player: Geoff Pamatian

Country: Philippines

Games & Limits: NLHE 200/400/600/1000, 6 max, SNG, HU

Favourite Rooms: Poker Stars, PlanetWin365

Poker Biography: Geoff has been one of the most consistent midstakes grinders on the internet over the past decade. His game is always evolving to stay at the top of his stakes. Formally known as SQUi5HiiFiSH on Pokerstars, you can currently find him crushing on Planetwin365.


Player: Gosubay

Country: Singapore

Games & Limits: NL500-1000

Favourite Rooms: Poker Stars

Poker Biography: Before Galvin started playing poker, he was finding great success in the local Warcraft III scene, having won numerous tournaments and having represented Singapore in a few major ones. In 2009, a fellow gamer introduced him to the world of Poker. In 2013, Galvin managed to achieve the coveted Super Nova Elite status at Pokerstars. Currently, he plays in stakes ranging from 1/2 to 5/10 and most of his volume is played at Pokerstars in the Zoom games.

Ronald "RedAirkson" Regis

Player: Ronald "RedAirkson" Regis

Country: Philippines

Games & Limits: up to NLHE 200/400

Favourite Rooms: 24hpoker

Poker Biography: Ronald Regis was a freelance writer, producer, and consultant who landed a job as Head of Channel Development for a pioneering local sports channel. That led him straight into the first few WPT episodes, where his entire career jumped into an alternate dimension. Ever the Gamer, "RedAirkson" became part of the poker beachhead for the Philippines - putting the game on TV, then playing it underground, and eventually "retiring early" to play the game professionally full-time. He built his roll playing Limit Holdem for years, before Coach Eldo convinced the "dinosaur" to transition to NLHE. This dinosaur's recent transition has been towards PLO. Aside from being a player, philosopher, and trainer, RedAirkson has also managed some of the more successful Brick and Mortar rooms in the Philippines, and trains players to use poker not just to accumulate wealth, but to become better evolved people.


Player: Terry

Country: China

Games & Limits: NLHE 200/400 6max

Favourite Rooms: PlanetWin365, TianlongGG, 888, 24hpoker

Poker Biography: Terry first dabbled into the online gaming world by playing “Siguo Junqi” (World Army Chess) already over 10 years ago, which he played with vigor and on the highest level. From there he found his way to Texas Holdem, since he saw many parallels in strategy and required skill set between chess and poker. He started to play poker with a standard ABC style, studied many books and engaged in poker forums. He won some money but didn’t really manage to climb up the stakes. Then he joined APA and was one of Coach Dr.Eldoradon’s very first Chinese students. During this class Terry changed his style, became more aggressive and creative and was now able to dominate his tables and move up in stakes. Terry puts his focus on NLHE 6max only, since he first wants to become a true master in this game type before engaging in other games. He currently plays – and crushes – NLHE 6max games, up to 2/4 blind levels. As a coach Terry is a real genius in utilizing various poker software: he often searches for new software to improve his and his student’s game and even writes small software and scripts himself. He is very knowledgeable digging deep into a student’s Pokertracker or HoldemManager database and will find the slightest leak in their game. Terry not only teaches his students how to play poker extremely well from a technical standpoint but also trains them how to treat poker as a true career and business. Once mastered the technical aspect of the game these “soft skills” like bankroll management, tilt avoidance, table selection, right attitude etc will determine if you will be long term successful with poker and Terry will show his students the way.


Player: UrAllSmurfs

Country: Ukraine

Games & Limits: NLHE 400-2k 6-max

Favourite Rooms: Titan

Poker Biography: Despite being terrible at Warcraft III, it turns out UrAllSmurfs became a pretty good poker player. He joined APA in 2011 when he met Terry on NL20. After taking some classes from Dr.Eldoradon, watching hundreds of poker videos and spending thousands of hours thinking about the game, he now makes a living playing poker and plays up to NL2k

UrAllSmurfs puts a lot of emphasis on database analysis, therefore he can guarantee that he will be able to find your biggest leaks in just one session. Longtime students will have their basic poker ‘common knowledge’ challenged and learn how to think about the game instead of adopting a particular winning style.


Player: Wolf

Country: China

Games & Limits: NLHE100/200/400 6max, MTT, SNG

Favourite Rooms: PlanetWin365, Titan

Poker Biography: Introduced to the game by his brother back from the USA, Wolf started his poker experience with MTTs in his first two years and then started playing SNGs. In both format he developped a solid foundation for Texas Holdem and maintained consistent winnings. By joining APA he became a winning cash game player as well. In 2011 he became a close disciple of Dr.Eldoradon (head of Team Apa), and graduated with outstanding achievements.